From idea to product

About us

The Vari-Met CDI module has started it’s life as a hobby project for own usage. In the race to faster and faster SpartaMet engine, it was getting clear that the current CDI modules weren’t good enough for my usage. Quickly after that i discovered that more people like me also had this problem. This started the development to make this hobby project a worthy product.


The Vari-Met CDI module has started it’s life as a hobby-project for own usage. The concept was raw and needed a lot of work to make the CDI module as user-friendly, affordable and reliable as it is now as a finished product.

Worthy product

After more than a year of development, the Vari-Met CDI module has become a worthy product. There has been developed a custom PCB design and case to make the CDI module easy to use and reliable. Only high-quality components will be used to assemble this CDI module to maintain long-term reliability. To protect the CDI module against moisture, the PCB is treated with a plastic coating.

Some Fun Facts about the Vari-Met CDI module
5 +
Hours of assembly and testing for each CDI module
48 km/h
Speeds up to 48k/h have been achieved with the Vari-Met CDI module
Different versions are available
Prices starting at just €57,50