From idea to product

About us

The Vari-Met CDI module has started it’s life as a hobby project for own usage. In the race to faster and faster Sparta-Met engine, it was getting clear that the current CDI modules weren’t good enough for my usage. Quickly after that i discovered that more people like me also had this problem. This started the development to make this hobby project a worthy product.


The Vari-Met CDI module has started it’s life as a hobby-project for own usage. The concept was raw and needed a lot of work to make the CDI module as user-friendly, affordable and reliable as it is now as a finished product.

Worthy product

After more than a year of development, the Vari-Met CDI module has become a worthy product. There has been developed a custom PCB design and case to make the CDI module easy to use and reliable. Only high-quality components will be used to assemble this CDI module to maintain long-term reliability. To protect the CDI module against moisture, the PCB is treated with a plastic coating.

Some Fun Facts about the Vari-Met CDI module
3 +
Hours of assembly and testing for each CDI module
48 km/h
Speeds up to 48k/h have been achieved with the Vari-Met CDI module
Different versions are available
Prices starting at just €59,50