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The Vari-Met Infinity is the first (and only) CDI module for the SpartaMet that can be configured via a computer program. With this program, the ignition curve, starting program and limiter can be configured.

This module has been made specially for the (more advanced) tuners or for situations where a configurable (speed)limiter is necessary. The Vari-Met Infinity CDI module can easily be swapped with the original CDI module and does not require any modifications to the SpartaMet engine. For ignition curves with much ignition advancement, the flywheel still needs to be rotated 45 degrees relative to the crankshaft as stated in the user manual.

The Vari-Met Infinity CDI module also comes with a built-in configurable limiter to limit the maximum speed of the SpartaMet. This limiter can also be disabled while driving, this can be done with the additional black wire that comes out of the CDI module.

The software that comes with the Infinity module runs on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. The Infinity module also comes with an addition cable that is used to connect the CDI module via an USB port with the computer.

Please read the user-manual before installing and using the Vari-Met CDI module. Please take a look around our website for more information about, for example, warranty or help by designing the right ignition curve.

The Vari-Met CDI module only works in combination with a Prufex ignition system with a blue, red or brown ignition coil. You also have to use a spark plug with an in-built resistor. The standard Bosch spark plug has got this in-built resistor, if you use a spark plug without an in-built resistor like the NGK BP4, you have to use a spark plug cap that has an in-built resistor. The standard spark plug cap does not have this in-built resistor. If you don’t take these requirements into consideration, the Vari-Met CDI module will get internally damages beyond repair.

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